Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review: Brink

Brink is a first person shooter that is in a class of it's own. What I mean by this is, the game is totally a new type of shooter. The only other game I can think about that is remotely the same is Team Fortress 2. Brink bravely compares to this game but unfortunately falls up short of TF2 because of the sheer originally, gameplay and replay value of Team Fortress 2. Not to say Brink is a bad game. The game features class types, similar to TF2, with the only differences between the classes being the abilities you have. The campaign is short and can get frustrating as the A.I is weak at best. The campaign is essentially multi-player mixed with Killzone's botzone feature. But the game was never designed for offline play. Brink would shine in online multi-player if the lag is cleared up, look for updates to the server as Brink is currently experiencing issues, especially on the Xbox 360. It also features it's S.M.A.R.T (smooth movement across random terrain) system that allows you to climb and jumb over anything. Customization is another feature in Brink where you can customize your look, guns, and abilities. Guns and accessories can only be unlocked through the challenge modes, where clothes and abilities can be unlock through gaining experience, online and offline. If you've played Brink you may know the game can get extremely frustrating as you tend to die everytime somebody aims their gun at you. This really encourages traveling in groups, upgrading your health and weapons, and following Brink's number one rule: never stop moving. If you are looking at this game, I would recommend it for the online and only when the bugs get fixed.

Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Story: 6/10
Innovation: 9/10
Buying Appeal/Replay Value: 7/10


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  1. Games are too expensive to buy anyway. I'll wait a little while for the bugs to be fixed, and for the price to drop. REALLY wanna play this game, though! Thanks for the review!