Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Preview: InFamous 2

A sequel to the 2009 Playstation exclusive, InFamous 2 is a direct follow up of the first one, with the main character Cole who gained electrical abilities. The game will feature a new location however, New Marais. The game features a good or bad system, (similar to the Fable series) which will effect the type of new ability you are granted during the game as well as other aspects. The plot features Cole trying to master his old and new powers to take on a beast who is destroying Empire City and everything in it's path. Along the way, Cole will have to fight the Militia, formed by a man named Bertrand, and the Corrupted who are horribly mutated beings. The game will feature user created levels that can be distributed online. You can choose any place, enemy, or challenge to create the levels and can change whether it's a fighting mission or a stealth one. This game also features a first look at Uncharted 3, if you're still not convinced. Personally, I don't think this game is going to be stellar, but by no means will it be bad. June 7th is the release date for this game as well as a hero addition which is also available, with extra features and add-ons.



Graphics: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 8.5/10
Buying Appeal/Replay Value: 7/10



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