Saturday, 9 April 2011

Preview: Portal 2

One of the most promising looking games for this year, the sequel to the hit Portal, Portal 2. A first person/ puzzle game that will be released for all consoles (minus the wii), this game promises to be good. With extra features like: co-op and physics altering gels this game could be one of the biggest titles of the year. And you only have to wait 10 days! (Although anyone who know's Valve, knows they have a habit of delaying games) A must buy!

"Phenomenal in every sense of the word."
Game of the Year, Joystiq

The game-play demo

The co-op trailer

Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 8/10
Innovation: 9/10
Buying Appeal/Replay Value: 9/10


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